Innovative by experience provides strategy consulting at the digital media domain. We develop and produce new media concepts. More about us

Innovation is the application of new solutions that meet new requirements, inarticulate needs, or existing market needs. We are good at creating something that has not been done before.


Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting

Digital media and your organisation are on the move. Where does this development lead to and, more important, where do you want to go? has over 15 years experience with projects in media, technology and organisations. We have great experience in creating and solving for corporate and smaller sized organisations their innovative next step.

We deliver strategic guidance and interim management support to help your organisation succeed in the renewal of your actual business model. To create a new channel for example, like mobile marketing, your organisation demands a fresh view on concept and development.
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Concept development

Our experience in digital strategy is something we also use to bring new ideas to market. We help start ups to refine their plans and create our own start up concepts.



Global oriented assignment with great impact on the existing organization. While creating a mobile international website, an internal knowledge portal for mobile marketing and producing native mobile applications; we succeeded in improving digital marketing capabilities for the world wide organisation.


Service solution for hospitals which creates customer experience usually expected outside healthcare environment. Service offer based on basic customer needs that occur before treatment is planned.

Overall project experience

Earlier employers: IDTV, Endemol Nederland, SBS Broadcasting (media companies), Boer & Croon (strategy consulting)

Delivered consultancy-assignments a.o. for NL-top 400 organisations: ANWB, AVRO, Bouwend Nederland, Endemol, Evean, Hogeschool Windesheim, KLM, Politie, Rabobank, Rijkswaterstaat, Trimbos Instituut, Vereniging Eigen Huis, VNO-NCW, Ziggo


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